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Фото: А. Ильясова 1 (ИА "Жахон") Madrid hosted a "round table" dedicated to the urgent process of democratization and reforms in the judicial-legal system of Uzbekistan.

The event which brought together representatives of the Spanish political, academic, expert and business circles and the media, was organized by the Embassy of our country in Spain.

The participants of the "round table" reviewed the information on the main directions of judicial reforms in our country, the process of becoming democratic and civil institutions. There have been disclosed in detail the goals and objectives of the concept of reforming the judicial system in Uzbekistan, developed under the leadership of President Islam Karimov.

During the event, it noted that thanks to the consistent implementation of this concept successfully implemented reforms to build an independent judiciary, democratization and liberalization of the judicial system, improve the efficiency and quality of justice.

Along with this, at the "round table" measures undertaken in the field of implementation of international standards on the protection of human rights considered. It was noted that Uzbekistan as a State party to all six major international instruments of human rights on a regular basis provides specialized UN agencies, national reports on the implementation of key provisions.

Particular attention was drawn to a significant intensification of cooperation with the Uzbek side of the International Labour Organization (ILO) concerning the implementation of ILO conventions aimed at protecting the rights of workers.

During the event, also noted that the creation of a professional bicameral parliament, strengthening the role of political parties, expanding the range of activities of civil society and NGOs, strengthening the independence of the media serve as the main indicators of political modernization and democratization of the Uzbek society.

- During today's "round table" we have received very important information about the development of the judicial system and the processes of political modernization in Uzbekistan as a whole, - said in an interview with news agency "Jahon" Carlos Uriarte, Chairman of the Youth Committee of the political movement "Pan-European Union". - We see that the country has made significant progress in the transition to a new democratic system that allows you to fully integrate into the international community. I would like to emphasize tangible progress achieved in Uzbekistan in the field of implementation of international standards for the protection of human rights and freedoms in national legislation and practice.

- Uzbekistan has made a major step towards the creation of an independent, democratic and stable state. I would like to highlight the political stability in the country, which, in turn, creates the necessary preconditions for the implementation of reforms in the socio-economic, legal and other spheres of the Uzbek society - the professor of the Autonomous University of Madrid Alejandro Lorca, an expert on the CIS countries said.

- I will present the organization which is implementing a research and innovation projects, - the representative of the Spanish company CYTSA Ines Gonzalez said. - The pace of economic development of your country deserve great attention and respect.

Today's "round table" has allowed us to learn about the legal and political basis of the positive results in the economic field in Uzbekistan. I wish your country further success in reaching new frontiers.

IA "Jahon", Madrid