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Gender equality as one of the principles of building a New Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan — is a country of irreversible, rapid reforms. One of the priorities of the development strategy of the New Uzbekistan is the policy of achieving gender equality in the country.

Human dignity and the benefits of the people in New Uzbekistan – high values

It is not an exaggeration to say that in the historical conditions where humanity is going through a difficult period, where contradictions and conflicts are intensifying and seriously undermining stability, in the multi-ethnic New Uzbekistan, human dignity and the interests of the people are recognized as the highest values, and in this regard, it is becoming an example and model for many countries of the world.

New Uzbekistan strategy – a new way of supporting the young generation

18.9 million of the population of Uzbekistan or 54 percent are young people and children under 30 years of age. 9.5 million of young people are male and 9.4 million are female.

Uzbekistan–OTS: preserving and enhancing the common Turkic heritage

On July 5-6, the President of Uzbekistan will attend the Informal Summit of the Organization of Turkic States in Shusha, Azerbaijan.

Environmental protection in Uzbekistan is an integral part of the sustainable development strategy and the country’s contribution to solving global problems

Uzbekistan, located in the heart of Central Asia, faces unique environmental challenges that require an integrated approach and strategic planning. In recent years, the country has been taking active steps to protect the environment by integrating sustainable development into national programs and projects. These efforts are not only aimed at improving the environmental situation in the country, but also make a significant contribution to solving global problems. Uzbekistan actively participates in global initiatives to combat climate change. The country ratified the Paris Agreement in 2016, committing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change.

Gender policy in Uzbekistan – an important criterion for ensuring human rights

The main feature of a democratic society is the protection of human rights and the provision of equal opportunities for all in public life and administration. Gender equality is an essential component of this, as it ensures equal protection of rights and freedoms for individuals.

New reforms in the judicial and legal system of Uzbekistan are aimed at practical results

The main goal of state policy in the penal sphere in Uzbekistan is aimed at liberalizing punishment and the system of its execution. Based on this, a number of strategic objectives have been identified. In particular:

How the phrase “Spirit of Central Asiaz” appeared in world political science

Uzbekistan's policy in Central Asia has reached a qualitatively higher level. The trend of developing mutually beneficial cooperation between the countries of the region is intensifying with its own characteristics. According to President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, Uzbekistan has given priority to strengthening relations of close friendship and cooperation with neighboring countries, and over the past historically short period - the political position and influence of our country in the Central Asian region and the Middle East. The world has grown dramatically. The spirit of trust in New Uzbekistan and the principles of striving for cooperation with our country have increased in the world.

Uzbekistan: civil society institutions — a bridge between society and state

Today, civil society institutions, particularly non-governmental non-profit organizations (NGOs), play an active role in Uzbekistan's development and the implementation of the “Uzbekistan – 2030” strategy. It is impossible to build a new Uzbekistan without organizing the activities of NGOs, the most important institution of civil society, according to democratic principles. On this basis, effective work is being done to support NGOs and civil society institutions, strengthen social partnerships with state bodies, implement effective public oversight, and improve the legal framework governing this area.

Uzbekistan has once again reaffirmed its commitment to building a society free of corruption, where integrity, transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of public administration

The Resolution signed by the President of Uzbekistan “On measures to introduce a system of continuous improvement of knowledge of the population and civil servants in the fight against corruption” caused an interested discussion in the international expert community.